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Request Form – Dog genetic testing – Paper request form for your dog that you can fill in and send with the sample to the laboratory. However, we recommend using on-line order form.

Blood collection and shipping – blood collection and shipment instructions.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are genetic diseases?

Genetic diseases are caused by an error (mutation) in the genetic code (DNA). Unfortunately, most of these diseases are incurable, and it is only possible to alleviate the symptoms or delay the onset of the disease by targeted administration of drugs.

What are genetic tests and what are they used for?

Genetic tests are special tests that can detect errors and mutations in the DNA of a given gene. This can reveal whether or not an animal carries a genetic disease.

Which genetic tests are recommended for my dog breed?

Recommended genetic tests can be found on the websites of professional breed clubs. It is also possible to contact the breed club, who can advise on the selection of tests. If you know that your dog or bitch is a carrier for a particular disease, genetic testing for that gene in the partner before mating is recommended.

How can I order genetic tests for my dog or bitch?

The genetic tests can be ordered using on-line order form. All the filled data is stored in the laboratory system, so you just need to collect and send the sample to the laboratory for genetic testing.

What type of samples does the laboratory accept for testing?

The laboratory accepts blood samples or buccal swabs. A blood sample is recommended, but reliable testing can also be done from buccal swabs. If the customer requests buccal swab testing, the laboratory will send the appropriate buccal swab kits after on-line order form is filled out.

How can I collect and send samples to the laboratory?

You can send the samples directly to the address of the laboratory. Please also fill out on-line order form for the requested test. In case of sending from abroad we recommend courier companies (DPD, UPS, Fedex, etc.). Samples can be sent unrefrigerated, wrapped so as not to break the blood sample tubes according to the instructions here.

How can I pay for genetic testing?

Payment can be made after ordering the genetic test using on-line order form. We will send you payment instructions to our bank account. If you send a blood sample with the filled paper request form, the laboratory will inform you upon receipt of the sample and send you an invoice by email.

When and how will I receive my test results?

The test result is sent within 2 weeks after the receipt of the sample by the laboratory. The result is sent by email as a pdf with the signature and stamp of the authorized person.