Poodle Toy - genetic tests

Whether Standard, Miniature or Toy, black, white or beige, the Poodle proudly ranks among dog world´s true aristocrats. Underneath the curly hypoallergenic coat is an elegant athlete and companion for all seasons. The Standard Poodle weighs around 25 kg at a height of 45-60 cm, the Miniature reaches a weight of 14 kg and a height of 28-35 cm and the Toy measures 24-28 cm with a weight of around 7 kg. At dog shows, poodles can usually be seen in elaborate clips. Poodles are eager, active and extremely smart dogs with remarkable versatility.

Degenerative Myelopathy

It is a neuromuscular disease causing a gradual muscle weakness on the hindlimb and back, which is manifested by poor coordination of movements, cramped and asymmetric walking, or incontinence.

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