Staffordshire Bull Terriers - genetic tests

Staffordshire Bull Terriers with a height of 35-40 cm and a weight of 12-17 kg belong to the robust and muscular dogs. They have a short and broad head with prominent cheek muscles and a close-fitting coat in several colours. Although Staffies still resemble the bullfighters that once ruled the English fighting rings, responsible breeders have turned them into lovable, family-oriented dogs with a reputation of patient babysitters for children. They are loyal companions, but still harbour the old fighting instinct, so it is essential that Staffie puppies are socialised with other dogs and learn good doggy manners.

Degenerative Myelopathy


It is a neuromuscular disease causing a gradual muscle weakness on the hindlimb and back, which is manifested by poor coordination of movements, cramped and asymmetric walking, or incontinence.

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Malignant Hyperthermia

Canine stress syndrome


It is a congenital disorder of skeletal muscle which is manifested by the significant increase in temperature (hyperthermia) up to 45°C, accelerated and irregular heart rate (tachycardia and arrhythmia), hyperventilation, muscle rigidity and may result in renal failure and death...

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Hereditary Cataract

Early onset cataracts, Juvenile cataracts


Hereditary cataract (cataract) is a disease affecting the lens of the eye in which the lens gradually becomes cloudy...

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