Irish Setter - genetic tests

The Irish Setter is a spirited hound dog known for its grace, speed and bright red coat. They are known as good family dogs: sweet and lively companions for parents and cheerful playmates. With long, sinewy legs, the Irish Setter is one of the fastest sporting dogs. The lovable personality of the Irish Setter has delighted sportsmen and pet owners for more than 200 years. Irish Setters are sociable dogs that love to make friends and respond well to patient and calm training.

Degenerative Myelopathy


It is a neuromuscular disease causing a gradual muscle weakness on the hindlimb and back, which is manifested by poor coordination of movements, cramped and asymmetric walking, or incontinence.

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Malignant Hyperthermia

Canine stress syndrome


It is a congenital disorder of skeletal muscle which is manifested by the significant increase in temperature (hyperthermia) up to 45°C, accelerated and irregular heart rate (tachycardia and arrhythmia), hyperventilation, muscle rigidity and may result in renal failure and death...

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Progressive Retinal Atrophy rcd4

Rod-Cone Dysplasia 4


Progressive Retinal Atrophy rcd4 is an eye disease that is inherited in an autosomal recessive manner. The disease leads to degeneration of retinal photoreceptor cells in dog...

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